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Inspiration Of A Deeper Kind

Last night I had the privledge to hear N.T. Wright with a few friends here in Nashville. Although, Bishop Wright has been a mentor to me through his books for some time, I’ve never had the opportunity to actually hear him speak in person till yesterday.

As I listened [to a man who I have the utmost admiration for] I was captivated by a different kind of inspiration. It seemed to come from a deeper place then just being mesmerized by intelligence, outward beauty, gifting, presentation, or celebrity.

Now, I’m no different then anyone else in our western culture that’s so easily impressed by the aforementioned things, but last night I experienced something much more profound.

I experienced–through a man who has discovered the scriptures to be truly living and active–that real things of spirit and life cut right through our infatuation with the trivial, and give us real life and true inspiration that is deeper and different than any other inspiration I know.

I desire more of my own life to represent this deeper kind of inspiration, not to impress but to give life. We all need inspiration that is deeper and more substantive than just intelligence, outward beauty, gifting, presentation, or celebrity. At least I know it’s possible, I experienced some of it last night and it’s still inspiring me today!

Check out Pete Wilson’s blog, www.withoutwax.tv, he wrote a bit about the kind of inspiration I’m speaking of.

Is It Any Wonder…

Take a few moments to stop and look–perhaps even from how God sees it–at this amazingly beautiful floating blue ball we call earth.

Is it any wonder that God absolutely loves all that He’s created, including us? No wonder He’s so commited to redeeming it all.

The Earth Is The Lord’s And Everything In It!

Art At Its Best

April 17, 2008 Inspiration Comments

As a Christian who believes God is redeeming everything He’s created through Christ, my outlook and worldview–both of creation and of people–is bursting with great hope. To be a Christian is to choose hope over despair, and to reflect the beauty of that hope in view of what God has promised. We are to be committed to describing the world not just as it is, but rather as God says it should and will be.

Christian artist, no matter their artistic outlet, should understand genuine art as flowing out of this center of beauty and hope–even in the midst of all that’s wrong–ultimately pointing people to the beauty of God.

N.T. Wright says: “When art comes to terms with both the wounds of the world and the promise of resurrection and learns how to express and respond to both at once, we will be on the way to a fresh vision and mission. Art at its best draws attention to the way things will be, when the earth is filled with the knowledge of God as the waters cover the sea!”

Tempted To Be Spectacular

I confess, I have a great desire to do something great which has both positive and negative potential. The negative potential is that of doing something spectacular that would win me great applause. I’m not proud of that, yet it’s always before me. And, I struggle with the tension of doing something great, not for great applause, but rather out of great love.

Mother Teresa said it best: “We can do no great things, just small things with great love. It’s not how much you do, but how much love you put into doing it.”

I’m learning to discipline myself, to resist the temptation to be spectacular, and to immerse myself more fully in the great example Jesus modeled for us in the way of great love and servant leadership. That’s the greatness I desire most!

Cement That Holds Society Together

Read this, this morning and thought I’d pass it on: There are three qualities without which any civilization is bound to disintergrate…

1.) Honesty. Even those who are prepared to put through a dishonest deal themselves, expect other decent, honest, honorable people to hold society together and to make life possible.

2.) The Spirit of Service. Unless there are at least some people who are prepared to live unselfishly, our whole social structure breaks down.

3.) Purity and Fidelity. Not even those who break them would wish to see them destroyed.

MLK – In The Name Of Love

Today’s the 40th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s death, and yet what he lived for still lives on, why is that? The freedom and equality he preached was motivated by love, in fact, love is the ultimate expression of both.

I can’t help but think that the power of love is the most powerful force in the universe, and it seems to maintain that power in both life and death; that’s why we are still inspired by people like MLK long after they’re gone. Henri Nouwen says it like this:

“The real question before our death, then, is not, how much can I still accomplish, or how much influence can I still exert? but, how can I live so that I can continue to be fruitful when I am no longer here among my family and friends? If the Spirit of God guides our lives–the Spirit of love, joy, peace, gentleness, forgiveness, courage, perserverance, hope, and faith–then that Spirit will not die but will live on!”



I’m currently reading Divine Embrace by Robert Webber. In one chapter, he’s writing about the church’s accommodation to a kind of spiritual consumerism that really made me stop and think: In our consumeristic world, have we:

“…reduced spirituality to attending a few religious services, and having a few heart warming experiences? Have we substituted real spirituality with these various silly imitations and at the end of the day while we have many more people giddy about our church, not many of them are actually more like Jesus?”

I’m still thinking…

N.T. Wright – Coming to Nashville

N.T. Wright, one of the most engaging and interesting thinkers of our day, is coming to Nashville.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008
7:30-9:30 P.M.
West End United Methodist Church
2200 West End Avenue

His writings and teaching have opened my eyes to see the world behind the scriptures come alive, but he’s equally as good at inspiring me to engage the world in front of the scriptures. Btw, I absolutely love his English accent too!


The world God created is good. He created all people in his image and no amount of darkness or sin can ever fully erase God's original imprint. So, we should choose to look for God's goodness everywhere and in everyone!

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